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Quite Contrary

"It’s guys like you, Mickey!"

"Nah, that one’s overplayed," he said.

Of course it is. Anything that a majority of people like is a no-go for this one, for he is the contrarian. 

Contrarians are out to destroy the very fibers of your being, shatter your beliefs and conventionally held wisdoms, and otherwise tell you that you are wrong—always wrong. In the beginning, contrarians seem like interesting people with backpacks full of wisdom and college-lined notebooks full of knowledge, all ready for the sharing.  As time goes on, a friendship with a contrarian can be exhausting. You find yourself hiding your Twilight saga books when you know they’re coming around. When you’re out, you pretend to be disgusted that a song about pouring “some sugar” could elicit such an outrageously fun-having reaction.  Finally comes the realization that disliking things because everyone else likes them is just as bad as, if not worse than, liking things because everyone else does. When it comes down to it, a true original thinker doesn’t base their likes, opinions, and beliefs off of what other people like. With that, contrarians lose their attractiveness. I would rather be a walking contradiction, an ever-changing ball of emotionally charged reactions, and an overall not-giving-a-carer than a Mary Quite Contrary. 

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